About An-Nur Specialist Hospital

An-Nur Specialist Hospital (ANSH) is a tertiary multidisciplinary hospital, fully owned by Medic IG Holdings Sdn Bhd. From its humble beginnings in September 2005, ANSH grew to become a Shari’ah Compliant private hospital in Malaysia.

This hospital is well-equipped with modern medical facilities that include 24-hour Accident & Emergency Unit, Intensive Care Units, Operating Theatres, Labour Rooms, Clinical Laboratory as well as Rehabilitation and Health Screening Centre.

The Diagnostic Imaging unit at ANSH houses the state-of-the-art Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory (Cath Lab), Ultrasound, MRI, CT Scan, Mammogram and X-Ray which allows efficient diagnostic and interventional procedures to take place that permit quicker convalescence and greater comfort for our patients and customers.

From the décor and interior design to the spacious and well-appointed rooms, the ambience at ANSH is shaped to maximize patients’ comfort and healing. We believe that a hospital is not just a place where patients seek treatments for their illness but a place to improve overall well-being emotionally and spiritually.